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Everything Looks Different

It’s a phrase I’ve quickly grown tired of this year – “everything looks different.”

Unfortunately, that phrase perfectly encompasses the reality that is 2020. Businesses know this all too well – projections are off, revenues are down, foot traffic stopped entirely and has not returned to normal yet. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us – it’s separated us, divided us and stressed us all out.

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Resources for businesses during COVID-19

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help. It’s a lesson that can difficult to learn in life, that it’s OK to need a hand during trying times. In the Culpeper, we’ve found that time and time again – when a neighbor needs help, our community answers the call. That has been...

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The Chamber is busy!

During the last few months, we’ve heard a lot about “getting back to normal.” Unfortunately, it looks like we’re going to be living in a “new normal” for the time being – but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to connect our community and help our small businesses...

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Rolling With The Punches

Change is hard. People become comfortable with what they are familiar with, I’m guilty of this. COVID-19 has forced us to do things differently, to say yes instead of saying no and finding ways to keep our members and our community connected during a time when we can...

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Culpeper Is Unified In Love

It’s a four-letter word I utter a lot – Love. The Love sign in Culpeper isn’t just a tourist attraction – it’s a way of life. Our nation has been rocked by racial unrest following the death of George Floyd in late May. There have been violent protests, unrest and...

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Connections Still Being Made

Hi, my name is Jeff and I am a people person. I’m here today because I miss holding in person meetings. Yes, I know that right now we need to be careful, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Thankfully, I’ve found ways to continue to connect with our community –...

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Going Digital

Sometimes, we don’t know how much we miss something until it’s gone. I learned this the hard way earlier this year when I suddenly had an ear infection one day – ironically on one of the days I interviewed for the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce President/CEO position....

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Staying connected while isolated

It’s easy to feel alone during this pandemic. As we responsibly socially isolate, it can feel like ages since we interacted with another human outside of our family. Luckily, in Culpeper, we’ve seen our business community stay connected and active in helping those...

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Community comes together

How can we help? Throughout this new reality we’ve faced due to the COVID-19 response, that’s the one question we’ve received the most – how can we help? Culpeper is a caring community. While we navigate uncharted waters, our residents are thinking about those who are...

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