The Chamber’s DEI Council was formed after discussion and interest over the last couple of years by Chamber members, board members and staff.  The Council’s mission is to foster DEI best practices to achieve the highest level of economic health and prosperity for individual businesses and the collective community through a sense of belonging.  The Council was formally adopted in 2022 by the Chamber Board and has been meeting monthly and is comprised of Chamber members, staff, and community partners.

DEI practices are designed to enable people of all backgrounds to feel welcome and supported to perform to the fullest of their abilities in the workplace.  Diversity refers to the presence of differences within a given setting.  Equity is the act of ensuring that processes and programs are impartial and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual.  Inclusion refers to the practice of making people feel a sense of belonging at work.  Studies show diverse teams are better at problem-solving, decision-making, and innovating and companies with an inclusive culture are considered a great place to work, and highly regarded by consumers.

Since its formation, the DEI Council has been looking at ways to support our business community.   Discussions have centered around gaining an understanding of the multiple aspects of diversity and inclusion within our business community and decided that a first step would survey our members to assess their needs.  We are seeking your input on the type of information, events or workshops your business would find useful.

We would appreciate you completing a brief survey please click here to complete survey which will guide the DEI Council’s efforts to meet the needs of the Chamber membership.  Please note that the Survey responses are anonymous.  Thanks in advance for your participation.