Diversification in today’s fast-paced environment is necessary for any organization. Public, private, or
nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) should practice diversification to be effective. Diversity is vital
to larger organizations or businesses and a prevalent practice to be competitive and advantageous among competitors.

Practicing diversity in a small organization is nearly possible due to the fluidity of
communication and understanding within the group without going through bureaucratic intrusion.
Inasmuch as the small nonprofit organization is concerned, its leadership has the advantage of getting to
know each member’s skillsets, values, and culture.

The Culpeper Filipino-American Community (CFAC) is a small nonprofit organization that has grown
exponentially from a small group of five to nearly 200 members since 2014. Scattered pockets of
Filipino-American families informally gathered on the weekends from different locations throughout
Culpeper, VA. Each group celebrated its culture by sharing significant life events and gathering together
as a community. Since our humble beginnings, a diverse membership has been a living and breathing core to CFAC. We welcome members with different opinions and beliefs regardless of ethnic background,
status, age, gender, or religion because we intend to involve the entire local community. The importance
of having equal representation as a cultural group is to promote inclusivity in Culpeper. To encourage this
value as an organization, it suffices the fundamental human right to show respect for one another as a
group and inherited community values of friendship.

Equality must not be mistaken for acceptance. Members of the organizations should be treated equally
in terms of their gainful benefits in the workforce related to their professional capacity and skillsets.
Treating an employee with fairness equal to other employees, including with organizational leadership,
promotes employees’ enhanced motivation and encourages productivity. We are reminded each year of
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal U.S. holiday reminding us that equality requires work and
dedication. In the words of MLK Jr. “The time is always right to do what is right.” Every business within
a community is challenged to observe this and what they can do to grow as local leaders.

The CFAC is committed to doing what’s right for a more inclusive local community. As an organization,
we want to bring diverse voices and backgrounds to be heard and valued. CFAC is more than a local
group. It brings a spirit of camaraderie, friendships, and a willingness to serve its local community. As a
result, these values have become the fundamental standards of CFAC living norms and values. We
encourage each community member to unite as one community with one vision of unity and harmony
through collaboration. CFAC members have developed a sense of belongingness that makes Culpeper a
home that has turned our expanding organization into a family.

Inclusion is the leading aspect of a team process to positivity and continuous production. An organization can have this competitive advantage when small teams’ contributing ideas are heard and accepted for the common good of the organization. Thus, its outcome is contagiously influenced by
others’ attitudes toward collaboration, cooperation, and esprit de corps.

The CFAC is known to embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion. The adherence to cultural values,
respecting others’ opinions, and prioritizing family values are among the few CFAC members exhibit
strengths. Members have a sense of belongingness, acceptance, and a feeling of togetherness in
collaboration with diverse members, feeling equal and included in the community. If it works with small
nonprofit organizations, it will also work with private, public, and NGOs for better business relationships
in Culpeper’s local community.

Willy Golez is the President of The Culpeper Filipino-American Community.