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BoardMembersThe Culpeper County Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of over 550 business enterprises, civic organizations, educational institutions and individuals. Our mission is to be the voice of the business community working to promote, build, and support the most effective climate for economic development.

Since it was chartered in 1749, Culpeper County has been an important crossroads for business.  Culpeper’s economy is multifaceted and changing with the times. The County and Town governments along with various agencies and local representatives are working hard to bring and retain business in Culpeper and nurture long-term relationships with local businesses and industries.

Quality Care, Here in Culpeper

By on July 27, 2015

My jaw dropped when my doctor told me I needed cataract surgery in both eyes.  I knew my vision was getting a tad worse but was totally taken aback with the diagnosis as I “didn’t see it coming.”  Weak pun aside (I couldn’t resist), I presumed I’d be departing from the appointment with a new prescription for glasses, not a referral to a specialist.

Still a bit shaken by the diagnosis, my trepidation surrounding the unfolding referral process and related “paperwork” began to quickly subside when I noticed that the opthamologist and surgery center were both local and only minutes away from my home.  As a matter of personal convenience I thought, “wow, that’s lucky”.  As I drove back to the office, I began to view my referral from my chamber perspective and quickly realized that this is yet another example of the quality of life to be found in Culpeper.



A community healthcare system is a critical component to the physical health of our residents and equally important to the economic prosperity of our county and the region.  Businesses seeking to locate their enterprise in a particular community often gauge the quality of accessible health care in their decision making process. Culpeper is fortunate to have such a community hospital and health care system.  Granted, our community hospital has had its share of transformations since opening in 1960 as Culpeper Memorial Hospital, but today, UVA Culpeper Hospital continues to care for us by operationalizing their core mission statement of ‘delivering high-quality healthcare close to home’.

Earlier this year, UVA Health System and Novant Health announced plans to create a regional health system alliance. UVA Culpeper Hospital CEO, Greg Napps has stated ‘this growth opportunity will allow us to better meet the needs of our neighbors in the ever-changing healthcare environment.’  UVA Culpeper Hospital wants to hear from you as they plan the way forward.  A public meeting will take place August 5, 2015 at 8am at Germanna Community College in Culpeper so those interested can discuss this joint venture with representatives of the UVA Health System.  Consider attending, as the meeting is open to the public.

My cataract surgeries were a success and I can now actually see my typos before the redlines underscore the misspellings. Diagnosis, pre-op, op, and post-op were all in Culpeper.  It sure was nice to be able to receive such quality care so close to home.  I look forward to learning more of the UVA Health System and Novant Health merger as they finalize the formation of the Northern Virginia Regional Health System and their plans to provide high quality, accessible, patient-centered care.

Cycling/Running/Walking Safety Awareness Month

By on July 13, 2015

Each and every summer you could find my best friend and me riding our bicycles here, there, and simply nowhere!   We would ride our bikes to the nearby “dime store”, the local neighborhood sno-ball stand (it is a New

Bon appétit – Culpeper style!

By on July 6, 2015

“Knee high by the Fourth of July” was my mother’s measure for determining how the corn crop was doing each year.  Being from Wisconsin, her growing season was a bit different than here in Culpeper, but you get the picture;