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BoardMembersThe Culpeper County Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of over 550 business enterprises, civic organizations, educational institutions and individuals. Our mission is to be the voice of the business community working to promote, build, and support the most effective climate for economic development.

Since it was chartered in 1749, Culpeper County has been an important crossroads for business.  Culpeper’s economy is multifaceted and changing with the times. The County and Town governments along with various agencies and local representatives are working hard to bring and retain business in Culpeper and nurture long-term relationships with local businesses and industries.

Time to Re-Charge!

By on June 29, 2015

My three year old granddaughter is a princess – at least in her imagination (and in the eyes of doting grandparents)!  She loves anything pink, sparkly, and girlie!  Recently her parents gave her one of those battery powered 4-wheelers – the pink blinged-out version, of course.  She drove her little car all around the neighborhood, waving at her loyal subjects as she passed by.  At times she allowed her older brother to chauffeur her around so she could be ever so much more attentive to her audience.  She was a happy, content, proper princess until the battery died. Needless to say, my little princess shed a few tears.  It was very apparent two batteries needed recharging – hers and the little pink car!

Summer is in full swing and is an excellent time to take some time off from work.  Bravo to you if you already have a few days set aside for some “recharging” of your own!  Without question, our lives are busy and it is often very justifiable to say we are ‘too busy’ or ‘I simply can’t take the time off’.  I also fully recognize that often there are costs associated with taking time off from your job. However, I hasten to add there could also be deferred “costs” of not doing so in terms of you having your own personal ‘dead battery’.

Accordingly, and if at all possible, I encourage you to find a way to set aside some time to recharge your battery. Plan to spend some time with family and friends or engage in an activity that you find personally rewarding.  I predict you will be glad you did.

If you are an employer, seek opportunities in your staffing model to give your employees a break by urging them to schedule some time off.  If you are the employee, discuss scheduling flexibility with your supervisor to see what can be worked out.  The results for all could very well be a safer and more productive workplace, a boost to employee morale, and ultimately contribute to increased employee retention. Taking time off has also been proven to have significant health benefits with the reduction of stress, anxiety, and possible burnout.

Do your very best to schedule that vacation – whether it be an extra day or two off, a long weekend, or a week-long adventure – clear your calendar and make it happen!  Whatever best applies to your “world of work”, do it.  If your job requires you to hold off for now, try to find the earliest opportunity to take that time off.   But if you can, put your “Out of Office” message on your voice and email accounts, close your toolbox, or let your customers know who they should contact while you are unavailable.  Plug in your personalized battery charger before you need ‘a jump’.

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The Future of Community Business

By on June 22, 2015

I am the baby in my family. My two sisters are nine and eleven years my senior, so for most of my life I’ve enjoyed the status of being ‘young’.  Even amongst my friends, I was the ‘youngest’ because my

Success at CulpeperFest

By on June 15, 2015

As the readers of this weekly column may recall, I heard the Carly Simon hit “Anticipation” swirling repeatedly in my head as your Chamber staff diligently endeavoured to deliver a new and improved CulpeperFest 2015.  This week (Yes, I’m stuck