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BoardMembersThe Culpeper County Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of over 550 business enterprises, civic organizations, educational institutions and individuals. Our mission is to be the voice of the business community working to promote, build, and support the most effective climate for economic development.

Since it was chartered in 1749, Culpeper County has been an important crossroads for business.  Culpeper’s economy is multifaceted and changing with the times. The County and Town governments along with various agencies and local representatives are working hard to bring and retain business in Culpeper and nurture long-term relationships with local businesses and industries.




Downton Abbey and Culpeper Chamber Appreciates School Board!

By on February 1, 2016

Downton Abbey, the PBS Masterpiece Theater series, is one of my guilty pleasures.  I eagerly await Sunday evenings so I can shamelessly sit in front of the television to watch the latest episode to learn how the previous week’s “crisis” was resolved only to be replaced with another.  The British dramatic series, set during the first decades of the 20th Century, is well written, beautifully filmed, and has a cast of talented actors and actresses portraying characters working through the differing challenges confronting the social evolution of the era.

Despite the weekly soap opera-like cliffhanger endings of each episode, a number of continuing themes exist as the story-line moves from 1912 to the mid-1920s.  One of the more powerful, in my opinion, is the stark contrast in the educational and subsequent employment opportunities, available 100 years ago to those in, and those not in, British aristocracy. A recent episode had an especially poignant scene.  I’ll try to recreate it; Mr. Molesly, a middle-aged domestic servant, who is locked into his “profession” as a result of limited education and opportunity, has been informally mentoring the kitchen maid, “Daisy” whose education to that point was only intended to provide the essential basics to advance her status to assistant cook. One evening Mr. Molesly tells Daisy ‘Education is the gate that leads to any future worth having’.  Mr. Molesly was forward thinking and “had it right”.  He valued education and the role it plays in one’s vocational destiny.  Mr. Molesly motivated Daisy to pursue an education as a path to her personally defined success despite the societal obstacles of the period.  This is a stellar example of strong leadership and vision.


On January 11, 2016, the Culpeper County School Board also demonstrated that they “have it right” when they approved a Resolution based on the 2015-16 Academic Year theme, “Student Focused Leadership”.  The Resolution recognizing February 2016 as “School Board Appreciation Month” affirms, and I quote: “The education of Virginia’s school-aged children is the foundation upon which the economic, social, and intellectual capital of our state is built”.   Foundations don’t just appear or build themselves from scattered stones or bricks.  It takes a team to arrange the material according to codes and standards upon which any structure can be built.  In Culpeper, our professional educators and our public school students are most fortunate to be supported by a locally elected school board dedicated to excellence and achievement.


The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce wishes to express its gratitude to each member of the Culpeper County School Board for their “Student Focused Leadership” and their individual contributions to the students, residents, and ultimately the economy of this community- both present and future.  It is good and important work that you do – thank you.  Mr. Molesly would most certainly agree.

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