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Since it was chartered in 1749, Culpeper County has been an important crossroads for business.  Culpeper’s economy is multifaceted and changing with the times. The County and Town governments along with various agencies and local representatives are working hard to bring and retain business in Culpeper and nurture long-term relationships with local businesses and industries.

Appreciation of Service on Memorial Day

By on May 25, 2015

Where is this year going?  The school year is nearly over, heat and humidity is increasing, the chamber staff is immersed in the planning of CulpeperFest 2015, and today we are celebrating Memorial Day.

For most, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer.  For many, Memorial Day is one of sadness and remembrance as families mark yet another year without a loved one who recently made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our Nation.  For all, Memorial Day should be a day to honor the many men and women that have answered the call to serve our great Nation.  They are the reason we are able to enjoy this ‘unofficial start’ to summer with a three day weekend.

As those who read my weekly column may know, I always try to convey a business or community related message using a bit of self-deprecating humor or an anecdote or two to hold the reader’s attention by making these articles fun to read.  I will not do that this week as that somehow just does not seem appropriate at the time of this writing.  Instead I believe it important to use this opportunity to underscore the real meaning of Memorial Day.

No, I won’t be somber today; like most, I will be with my entire family enjoying the day by doing something fun.  But at some point I will stop what we are doing in order to silently reflect, remember, express gratitude, pray, and honor those that gave their all on countless fields and at sea with names such as Yorktown, Belleau Wood, Cedar Mountain, Midway, Normandy, Inchon, Mekong Delta, Iraq,and Afghanistan.  Every drop of blood shed, every tear that falls, and every life that is lost in service, is given so we are able to enjoy the freedom and prosperity of these United States.

Thank you to each of you – past and present – that have donned a uniform in defense of our Nation’s freedoms; thank you to the mothers and fathers for raising sons and daughters with the courage to serve; thank you to the wives, husbands and children for your willingness to be ‘second’ to your service member’s commitment to serve our Nation.

I wish you a very happy and safe Memorial Day.

Our Monday Blog, for your reading pleasure!

By on May 19, 2015

As a career Coast Guard wife, I’ve attended, and participated in, my share of “hail and farewell” ceremonies as transfers were a routine aspect of our military life.  These events were sad in some ways as we said goodbye to

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

By on May 11, 2015

My 7 year-old grandson loves summer.  Certainly “summer” for him is defined in terms of no school, amusement park rides, swim club meets, and earning money by selling lemonade.  While watching him interact with his customers last year, it occurred