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BoardMembersThe Culpeper County Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of over 550 business enterprises, civic organizations, educational institutions and individuals. Our mission is to be the voice of the business community working to promote, build, and support the most effective climate for economic development.

Since it was chartered in 1749, Culpeper County has been an important crossroads for business.  Culpeper’s economy is multifaceted and changing with the times. The County and Town governments along with various agencies and local representatives are working hard to bring and retain business in Culpeper and nurture long-term relationships with local businesses and industries.

Our Monday Blog, for your reading pleasure!

By on May 19, 2015

As a career Coast Guard wife, I’ve attended, and participated in, my share of “hail and farewell” ceremonies as transfers were a routine aspect of our military life.  These events were sad in some ways as we said goodbye to friends who were relocating, but equally exciting as we said hello to new acquaintances who also quickly became friends.  This month I’m once again finding myself in that familiar bittersweet position of saying farewell to Linda Dodrill while welcoming Becky Stone.

Linda has faithfully served the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce for over four years.  For many, she was the “face of Culpeper” as she staffed the information desk at the Visitors’ Center when the Chamber was located at the depot.  Her friendly greeting most assuredly provided visitors with a great first impression of our community.  Additionally, Linda served as the Chamber’s webmaster and social media coordinator.  In these roles, Linda was once again the interface between the public and the Chamber as she worked tirelessly to ensure optimal two-way communications through the best possible leveraging of today’s ever changing technology.  She also was, and will remain, my friend.  Linda, also a military spouse, is moving out of the area with her husband as he has accepted a new position. Thank you Linda for everything; far too much to list here today. Farewell and best of luck, Linda and Chuck, as you begin this new chapter in your life.

But with the goodbye we also have the hello!  It is my pleasure to welcome Becky Stone to our staff and briefly introduce her to you in this column.

Becky is a resident of Culpeper County and brings a wealth of experience and motivation to your Chamber.  She will provide administrative and general operational support and also assume responsibility for our social media and email marketing efforts.  Becky will also be very much involved with CulpeperFest.  Although she will be very busy with CulpeperFest planning (I haven’t told her just “HOW” busy yet!), I invite you to introduce yourself to her through her email – beckys@culpeperchamber.com, or in person by dropping by our office. .
In fact, CulpeperFest is rapidly approaching.  It is set for, June 12th, 3-7pm, at Eastern View High School, which is a venue change from recent years.  Admission is free with pre-registration; go to CulpeperFest.com to get your tickets to this exciting and fun annual event which showcases our dynamic and multi-faceted local economy.  As always, feel free to give me a call at 540-825-8628 if you need further information or if I can be of assistance.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

By on May 11, 2015

My 7 year-old grandson loves summer.  Certainly “summer” for him is defined in terms of no school, amusement park rides, swim club meets, and earning money by selling lemonade.  While watching him interact with his customers last year, it occurred

It’s The Same, Just Different!

By on May 4, 2015

It’s the same, just different! I’ve always enjoyed baking cookies for my husband – I learned within mere days of our marriage that his favorite was chocolate chip, as I watched him savor each one and wash them down with