Be A Culpeper Local at CulpeperFest,

As the days get longer and the temperatures begin to rise, my husband and I start taking day trips.  Its been our tradition since leaving Louisiana all those many years ago. About 10 or so years back while living in Smithfield, VA, we decided to take a typical day trip to this part of the Commonwealth. Upon arriving in Culpeper, we stopped for gas and I asked a passerby to make some recommendations regarding things to see, do, and of course dining and shopping options.  When the conversation finally ended several minutes later, I was fully loaded-up with places to go and sights to see, I had also learned several important historical facts about events here in Culpeper.  It was the beginning of a great day in and around Culpeper.

Be A Culpeper Local at CulpeperFest 2015

Be A Culpeper Local at CulpeperFest 2015

My immediate reaction back then was “Wow, the people here sure are friendly.”  Fast-forward to 2008.  My husband received orders to transfer to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC and once again we were in “househunting mode”.  Being a Coast Guard family we knew how to draw a “search pattern” when it came to finding places to live. This time our search centered around Culpeper.  I fondly recalled how wonderful our first visit to this area was several years back–and it all started with the warm and friendly welcome from a total stranger. We decided to take a look “out in Culpeper” for a place to live.

It didn’t take long for my husband and me to find our perfect home and shortly after settling in, we became involved in this community.  When asked why we chose this area over others, we say there are many reasons including the natural beauty of the county, the old houses and buildings in town, regional history, but primarily it was because of the people.  Culpeper people are genuine and friendly. The powerful combination of Culpeper’s geographic advantage along with its people not only creates a wonderful place to live but it is an enviable environment conducive to many types of businesses, government agencies, and industry.

Culpeper has quality of place – along with enough smiling faces to make everyone feel welcome. If you happen across a like-minded visitor, remember you could very well be their “face” of Culpeper.  You have the power to create a wonderful and long-lasting impression of this place we call home.  Believe me, it does make a difference.  My husband and I are proud to be Culpeper Locals – and intend to live long enough to be considered ‘from here’!

I invite you to “Be a Culpeper Local at CulpeperFest” on Friday, June 12th at Eastern View High School, 3-7pm.  Get your free ticket at Exhibitors, food vendors, entertainment, and seminars will make you proud to call Culpeper home.  I look forward to seeing you there, where we will truly connect business to community.