Lead Culpeper


Leadership Development

There is always a need for citizens to assume leadership roles in our community.  The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce has developed a program that will introduce participants to the intricacies of our community and the region.  Each Lead Culpeper class will be given access to leaders in business, government and education in order to gain a unique perspective on our community.   Leadership is a skill that can be developed through practice, study, and insight.  If you have an interest in serving Culpeper, Lead Culpeper is your starting point.

The mission and goals of Lead Culpeper are:

  • Identify potential leaders.
  • Provide participants a unique perspective on Culpeper County and the region.
  • Educate participants about the opportunities and challenges in Culpeper and the region.
  • Bring these potential leaders into contact with present leaders.
  • Develop a spirit of working together for the benefit of Culpeper and the region.
  • Establish an alumni association to continue leadership development in Culpeper and the region and to provide a forum for ongoing contact and discussion.

For questions please contact Debbie Stohlman at 540-825-8628

2016 Schedule

April 28th & 29th        Team Building Leadership Retreat at Verdun Adventure Bound

May 13th                     Local Government

June 17th                    Arts, Culture & Tourism

July 15th                     Community Healthcare

August 12th                Economic Development

September 30th        Education

October 14th              Trip to D.C. Capitol

November 11th          Non-Profits/Volunteerism

December 9th           Wrap-Up Lead Culpeper

                 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

2016 Lead application

Team-building at Verdun Adventure Bound.

Team-building at Verdun







Lead Culpeper on the Tourism bus.

On the Tourism Tour bus.







Lead Culpeper Day at the Capitol.

Lead Culpeper at the Capitol








What our graduates have said:

   Simply put, LEAD Culpeper  is equivalent to having the mayor give you a key to the city. It exposed me to all facets of the inner workings and the people behind that work that make Culpeper run. As for my class, my fellow classmates were an eclectic bunch from all walks of life, between the contacts/friends I made in class, I also made many more contacts throughout the city and County due to the immense exposure Lead Culpeper provided me. I’ve lived in Culpeper for 15 years, for the first time after graduating Lead Culpeper, I feel connected to Culpeper…

~ Keith Farrish,Owner Saddle Ridge Farm

Being part of Lead Culpeper 2014 was a rewarding experience! There was a strong bonding from the first day and it grew stronger at each session. Developing trust and learning to depend on each other became a strong value. The whole experience was amazing!

~ Tom Spargur, Group Sales Director for the Culpeper Times

 Lead Culpeper 2014 was a very worthwhile experience. I have worked in Culpeper for nearly 30 years and honestly thought I knew the community fairly well. What I discovered was that in spite of my assumptions there were people and organizations that I knew little about. When I say this I am not  only talking about the places we visited and leaders we met but also the members of my 2014 Lead cohorts who I now consider friends.

~ Ed Dunphy, Director of Retail Marketing-CFC Farm & Home Center

 I found Lead Culpeper to be the most eye-opening experience about all aspects of the world of business and community.  It helped me realize how Culpeper is a uniquely pieced together quilt that combines to support small business, charity, tourism, emergency services, and more; yet allows each agency stand out on its own merit.  We truly can “Make A Difference” as individuals, as a business, and as a community.

Additionally, our time at Verdun allowed me to perform beyond my wildest dreams – to be able to do things I never thought I’d have the courage to do  I also learned that I am not alone and have the support of others. I only hope that in some way I have been able to give to the Culpeper Community and will strive to continue to do so.

~ Holly Brim

I felt that I was able to meet and network with other professionals in the community. I enjoyed the team building aspect that our group underwent and felt that it challenged us to grow stronger together and individually.

I found that touring the local businesses, community resources and government developed my understanding of this community. I felt that the chamber team did a great job with it and did their best to adapt to the interests of our group.

~ Josh Lemasters